See the World Clearly & Find Inner Peace

Manomaya Buddha Temple South India

The Manomaya Buddha temple is located in the village of Paganeri in the Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu State, South India. The temple offers visitors a spiritual experience that enables them to find inner peace and enlightenment. 

Situated in a quiet location
surrounded by nature

Located in the village of Paganeri in South India, it’s the perfect location for a most peaceful, relaxing and mind-freeing journey into the teachings of Buddhism.  
The temple is privately owned and does not accept donations, our purpose is solely to offer visitors a spiritual experience from where they will learn more about their selves, the world we live in and how to be happier within both. 

2023 Grand Consecration Opening Ceremony

The Grand Consecration Opening Ceremony took place on the  11th of February 2023 with a clergy from Wat Pak Nam Temple in Thailand as the Guest of Honour. 2,000 visitors were in attendance and were lucky to experience a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual journey into the Buddhist traditions and philosophies. 

Among the visitors, were members of the press who covered the event on TV and print publications. The below article was written by the editor of Tamil Nagarathar magazine, Nagarathaar Thirumagal, Vallikkannu Nagarajan. Available in English and Tamil.